June 25, 2024

Four Important Factors to Consider When Buying Playground Equipment 

Playground equipment is available in all sizes and shapes. And because there are various kinds of playgrounds, picking the best equipment for your community centre, park, or school can be challenging. However, Inspire Play outdoor playgrounds are an essential community component. By giving kids time to play, they develop lifelong skills, establish relationships, and take part in necessary physical activities. To choose the right playground equipment for your playgrounds, you must consider some factors such as the following:


Think about where you will install the playground equipment and the amount of space available. Measure the area’s dimensions to ensure you pick equipment that fits while leaving enough space for children to move and play freely and safely. 

The majority of equipment manufacturers list measurements for their products and the space necessary for children to use them safely. Just ensure you also take into account the space required around the equipment. In addition, consider the amount of sun exposure the area gets.

Budget and Needs

Before you purchase equipment for your playground, take into consideration what you need and what you can afford to spend. Consider the number of children who will use the playground, the evenness of the space, the drainage, amount of sun exposure, colours or themes you wish to incorporate, and additional amenities you may want to add. Although most of your budget will go to the equipment purchase, you must also set aside a budget for installation, taxes and shipping costs, site preparation, maintenance costs, site furnishings, and playground signage. 

Equipment Cost

Playground equipment is available in varying prices and you should consider the extra costs of customised features and accessibility ramps. In general, if you want to build a playground from scratch, you need to set a budget of around $1, 000 per child. Because there is a wide range of equipment available, you can surely find one that meets your needs, no matter your budget. 

Age Group

Think about the ages of the kids who will use the equipment. Select age-appropriate equipment to ensure the children won’t get injured as they play. Also, age-appropriate playground equipment offers the stimulation necessary for children’s growth as well as social and cognitive development. The right equipment allows children to exercise and develop new skills while having fun. 

Should your playground accommodate different age groups, determine how you will separate various play areas and ensure young kids do not play on playground equipment meant for older children.