June 25, 2024

Ronaldo is a Bit-Part Player at MANU and the Situation Demands his Departure

With every passing day, the situation for Cristiano Ronaldo has been getting worse for Manchester United. It seems that the player’s career has come full circle as his stardom grew from Manchester United and it is dimming at the very same club. 

Ronaldo’s Past MANU Role Versus Current Role

Cristiano Ronaldo first started his career at Manchester United back in 2003. The player spent his time at the club until 2009. 

In his 6-year career at Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo made 196 appearances and he was able to score 84 goals for the team. 

Back in 2003, it was Sir Alex Ferguson who signed the player from Sporting CP. He knew that Ronaldo was going to be a legendary player and this is the reason why he gave him the number “7”.

His 7-number t-shirt went on to become a symbol for Cristiano Ronaldo and has stayed with him even now. Cristiano Ronaldo has been known as “CR7” ever since he became part of Manchester United.

Although his fans and teammates did not want Ronaldo to leave them, he still decided to move to Real Madrid in 2009. Then in Real Madrid, he played from 2018 until he left for Juventus. 

After playing at Juventus until 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo left the club and rejoined Manchester United at Sir Alex Ferguson’s request. 

Current Situation of Ronaldo at Manchester United

The entire Manchester United fan following rejoiced as Cristiano Ronaldo joined the reds in 2021. The club executives and the fans had many high hopes for the player.

It was thought that Cristiano Ronaldo will be the driving force for the club amidst the leadership crisis that was too obvious at Manchester United.

However, it seems that ever since his second debut at the club, things have gone in the opposite direction. Despite his efforts for the club to push them for the titles, the club did not seem ready for that.

This is the reason why despite scoring 24 goals in 38 appearances, Ronaldo was not able to bring the title home last season. Instead, Manchester United came in at number six on the scoreboard, which was a huge upset for Ronaldo.

Ronaldo Wants to Leave

Ever since Erik Ten Hag’s hiring as the manager, things do not seem to be going well between the player and his boss. 

There seems to be friction between the player and Erik Ten Hag but they are trying their best to hide it. 

On multiple occasions, Ronaldo’s agent has revealed and proposed to MANU manager and executives that the player intends to leave for a different club. 

But the club and Erik Ten Hag seem determined to convince Ronaldo to stay back. However, in the recent matches, Ronaldo was benched and was not added to the primary squad. 

This is an indication that the club is indirectly pushing Ronaldo out of the club and the squad. Now, Ronaldo’s role at the club is bit-part, something that the player completely dislikes.

There are rumors that Ronaldo’s agent is trying to get him transferred to Chelsea or Napoli. More is to unravel as the transfer window closes.

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